The ultimate recharge experience. Welcome them with a box full of luxurious self care items like a chamomile scented heated eye mask, creamy creme brulee chocolate, a blend of rich malty Assam, Kenyan and Sri Lankan tea, a hand cream that is formulated to soften, nourish and moisturise your hands all day with a lasting soft scent and lastly an Argan & Rose Oil blended hydrating Shampoo Bar that will leave your hair feeling nourished, hydrated and clean.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5

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Beauty Pro Warming Eye Mask
Sit back, relax and soothe their eyes with the BeautyPro Warming Eye Masks. This calming treatment is perfect for when they’re in need of some TLC. Whether they’re fighting tiredness, suffering with a headache or they’ve been looking at their screen for too long, this 20 minute moment of warmth will leave them feeling relaxed. These self heating eye pads have a soft chamomile scent, providing gentle warmth and peaceful rest. Simply place the mask over the eye area, using the ear loops to secure it into place and enjoy time to replenish. Tired eyes will be relieved and the mind soothed as they enjoy a moment of tranquility. The perfect companion for travel & digital detoxing!


Kernow Crème Brûlée Chocolate
Crème Caramel chocolate with a scattering of butterscotch pieces to add a touch of extra crunch to each munch.


Prince & Son Tea Co. English Breakfast
A blend of rich, malty Assam, bright, robust Kenyan and refreshing Sri Lankan Uva results in a satisfying, fortifying brew.


Greenfrog Botanic Argan & Rose Shampoo Bar
Our Argan & Rose Oil blended hydrating Shampoo Bar, is enriched with Aloe Vera – for normal hair. The gentle blended ingredients are formulated to nourish, hydrate, and deeply cleanse your hair. Using the power of Vegan, Greenfrog Botanic bars are made up of 96% natural ingredients.


Fikkerts Rose Hand Cream
A rich, luxurious hand cream delicately fragranced and perfectly formulated to soften and moisturise your skin all day long.


Boxed Boutique Keepsake Box
Your gift box are specifically used as keepsake boxes and designed to be re-gifted, re-used or re-purposed for all sorts of useful storage around the home. Dimensions of box: 33cm x 25cm x 11cm