Welcome to our exclusive welcome gift package designed to pamper and indulge your senses! This thoughtfully curated collection combines a selection of luxurious products to create a truly delightful experience.

First, we have the Beauty Pro Warming Eye Mask, a soothing and rejuvenating treat for tired eyes. This innovative mask gently warms upon contact, promoting relaxation and helping to alleviate any tension or fatigue.

Next, we present FieldDay’s Conditioning Shampoo, a premium hair care essential. Crafted with nourishing ingredients, this shampoo gently cleanses while restoring moisture and leaving your hair feeling soft, silky, and beautifully conditioned.

Indulge your taste buds with the delectable No 13 Shortbread, handmade with love and precision. These melt-in-your-mouth buttery biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite cup of tea or coffee, offering a moment of pure indulgence.

For chocolate lovers, we present The Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp Bar. This exquisite treat combines rich, velvety dark chocolate with a refreshing hint of mint and a satisfying crisp texture, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors.

Speaking of tea, we’ve included a selection from the esteemed Prince & Son Tea Co. Their English Breakfast blend is a classic favorite, boasting a robust and invigorating taste that will kick-start your mornings or offer a comforting pause during the day.

Last but not least, we have Fikkerts Rose Hand Cream, a luxurious and nourishing formula that will leave your hands feeling soft, supple, and delicately scented. Its delightful rose fragrance adds a touch of elegance to your self-care routine.

This welcome gift is a celebration of relaxation, indulgence, and self-care, and we hope it brings you joy and tranquility as you embark on this exciting journey. Enjoy these delightful treats and make yourself at home!

Minimum Order Quantity: 5

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Additional Information

Beauty Pro Warming Eye Mask
Sit back, relax and soothe their eyes with the BeautyPro Warming Eye Masks. This calming treatment is perfect for when they’re in need of some TLC. Whether they’re fighting tiredness, suffering with a headache or they’ve been looking at their screen for too long, this 20 minute moment of warmth will leave them feeling relaxed. These self heating eye pads have a soft chamomile scent, providing gentle warmth and peaceful rest. Simply place the mask over the eye area, using the ear loops to secure it into place and enjoy time to replenish. Tired eyes will be relieved and the mind soothed as they enjoy a moment of tranquility. The perfect companion for travel & digital detoxing!


2x FieldDay’s Conditioning Shampoo
Experience the rejuvenating power of FieldDay’s Conditioning Shampoo as you immerse yourself in a refreshing and invigorating journey. With every wash, let the enticing aroma of the sea transport you to a serene coastal paradise, where the gentle ocean breeze caresses your senses. This nourishing shampoo is thoughtfully crafted to not only cleanse and condition your hair but also to contribute to a greater cause. FieldDay understands the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness. By choosing their Conditioning Shampoo, you join a movement to combat the rising tide of carbon emissions on our planet. With their eco-friendly packaging and commitment to reducing environmental impact, FieldDay takes a significant step towards a greener future. As you lather up with this luscious shampoo, rest assured that your hair receives the tender care it deserves while contributing to the collective effort of preserving our planet. Embrace the refreshing scent of the sea, knowing that you are making a positive difference, one small act at a time. Let the FieldDay’s Conditioning Shampoo be your ally in achieving both personal care and environmental responsibility.


No 13 Shortbread
Indulge in the divine decadence of No 13 Shortbread, crafted with utmost care by the renowned Pullin’s Bakery. Each bite of this buttery delight transports you to a realm of pure culinary bliss. Meticulously crafted using premium ingredients, this heavenly shortbread boasts a tender, crumbly texture that melts in your mouth, leaving a rich and buttery sensation that lingers on your taste buds. The unmistakable aroma fills the air, enticing you to savor every moment of this delightful treat. With No 13 Shortbread, Pullin’s Bakery has perfected the art of creating a timeless classic that is both comforting and irresistible. Indulge in this exquisite delicacy and experience a symphony of flavors that will leave you longing for more.


The Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp Bar 50g
Dark chocolate from the southern coast of the Dominican Republic studded with delicious peppermint infused sugar.


2x Prince & Son Tea Co. English Breakfast
A blend of rich, malty Assam, bright, robust Kenyan and refreshing Sri Lankan Uva results in a satisfying, fortifying brew.


Fikkerts Rose Hand Cream
A rich, luxurious hand cream delicately fragranced and perfectly formulated to soften and moisturise your skin all day long.


Boxed Boutique Keepsake Box
Your gift box are specifically used as keepsake boxes and designed to be re-gifted, re-used or re-purposed for all sorts of useful storage around the home. Dimensions of box: 33cm x 25cm x 11cm