Relax & Rewind


The delightful pick me up, all wrapped in pink. This box is a full sensory experience, with a rosewater mist, creme brûlée chocolate & hand-crafted rosemary & orange soap. Gift them a full self care ritual.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5

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The Clovelly Soap Co. Rosemary & Orange Soap on a Rope
A aromatic blend of Rosemary and Orange essential oils with exfoliating Olive Stone in our skin softening cold process base of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Sustainable Palm oil. Gentle exfoliation with uplifting scent.


Greenfrog Botanic Argan & Rose Shampoo Bar
Our Argan & Rose Oil blended hydrating Shampoo Bar, is enriched with Aloe Vera – for normal hair. The gentle blended ingredients are formulated to nourish, hydrate, and deeply cleanse your hair. Using the power of Vegan, Greenfrog Botanic bars are made up of 96% natural ingredients.


Artisan Coffee Co. The Enigma Coffee Bag
Revolutionising instant coffee, our coffee bags work just like tea bags, but with fresh ground coffee instead! Simply brew your coffee bag directly in a cup for the ultimate instant fix of delicious, fresh coffee. *Our coffee bags are made from a sustainable and renewable material which means they can be easily and safely disposed in your food or garden council waste bin.


Nathalie Bond Bloom Face Mist
Super gentle rosewater mist to tone, cool and hydrate. Mist over the face for a boost of cooling hydration; perfect on a hot day, after exercise or just whenever your skin needs a little stress relief. Great for all skin types.


Champagne Satin Sleep Mask
Enjoy a good nights sleep with a satin eye masks that feels luxurious on your eyes. The perfect addition to relaxing.


The Chocolatier Damask Rose 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 50g
Grown on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, this chocolate is naturally rich in fruity and floral notes, pairing perfectly with rose


Cotton Makeup Remover Pads
These reusable rounds are soft enough to feel nice against your skin, while still providing a gentle exfoliation. One pack includes 4 rounds.


Boxed Boutique Keepsake Box
Your gift box are specifically used as keepsake boxes and designed to be re-gifted, re-used or re-purposed for all sorts of useful storage around the home. Dimensions of box: 33cm x 25cm x 11cm