A gift of self-care, includes indulgences like rose bath essence, grapefruit & neroli handmade soap, creamy creme brulee chocolate bar, soft to the touch cotton facial pads and a coffee that has a combines a deep cocoa body and a dark fruit compote with a pleasingly jammy finish. What is there not to love about this luxury box of quality products.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5

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Fikkerts Rose Bath Essence
The beautiful rose infused luxurious bath essence. Using traditional apothecary methods to harness the benefits of natural herbs and extracts creates this luxurious essence. Pour a small amount of this beautifully fragranced oil into a warm bath, the oil disperses to create a slightly milky, highly moisturising, and truly relaxing bathing experience.


Artisan Coffee Co. The Enigma Coffee Bag
Revolutionising instant coffee, our coffee bags work just like tea bags, but with fresh ground coffee instead! Simply brew your coffee bag directly in a cup for the ultimate instant fix of delicious, fresh coffee. *Our coffee bags are made from a sustainable and renewable material which means they can be easily and safely disposed in your food or garden council waste bin.


Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask
The Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask contains 3 pairs and is packed full of natural ingredients to relieve the effects of tired, swollen and puffy eyes. It diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and under eye shadow to leave skin feeling refreshed and full. The patches are enriched with anti-ageing collagen, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A & E which all work together to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin. The natural ingredients in the patches will leave their eyes feeling instantly relaxed and cool after use. The Aloe Vera combined with Vitamin A & E soothes inflammation and promotes natural moisturising in the skin to prevent the under eye skin from drying out and feeling sensitive. The Eye Therapy Mask can be used alone or underneath a sheet mask if you are short on time and want to give your skin a full pamper. The Hydrogel patches can be used when their eyes are needing a little TLC or as part of your usual skincare routine.


The Clovelly Soap Co. Grapefruit & Neroli
A heady and Jasmine inspired blend of Grapefruit Essential oil & Neroli. This handcrafted soap is a soap base product that produces lots of lovely white soft bubbles which don’t dry the skin even on delicate facial areas.


The Chocolatier Caramelised Milk Chocolate Bar 50g
Delicious Javan chocolate blended with caramelised sugar for an exquisitely smooth texture with notes of salted caramel.


Cotton Makeup Remover Pads
These reusable rounds are soft enough to feel nice against your skin, while still providing a gentle exfoliation. One pack includes 4 rounds.


Boxed Boutique Keepsake Box
Your gift box are specifically used as keepsake boxes and designed to be re-gifted, re-used or re-purposed for all sorts of useful storage around the home. Dimensions of box: 33cm x 25cm x 11cm